Garden Pics – 04/14/2010

From the way that the main rhubarb plant is growing, it looks like once again I should be able to get two very robust harvests out of the plant. I’m not so much worried about getting stalks out of the other four plants, so those are basically the “in case of emergency” cuttings for friends and family that might want a rhubarb plant.

Once again the centennial is doing gang busters when it comes to vine growth, a couple more days and I’ll finally have to run the new diagonal trellis system to support the centennial off the ground.

I also cleared out an 8′ x 8′ patch of the garden and planted up two kinds of radishes (French Blush & Sparkler), three kinds of beets (Detroit Red, Moneta & Golden) and two kinds of lettuce (Bordeaux and Outredgous.)

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