Spring is in the air for 2010

Today was a beautiful day, nice and sunny and a balmy 79F. Before I went to work I put out the two parsley plants that I overwintered in the house to let them stretch out and take in some of the sun. I also snapped a couple of pics around the house of the various plant activity. Below are some pics of the rhubarb, hops, green onion/garlic and sedum sprouting. Enjoy.

Blew thermal fuse on the Shop-Vac again!

I thought that it was kind of strange the first time around, when I blew out the thermal fuse on the Shop-Vac. But blowing the fuse a second time really threw me for a loop, since I didn’t think that the filter was even that dusty to cause the Shop-Vac to overheat. Go figure.

At least I was smart enough to install the replacement thermal fuse with bullet style electrical quick connects, in case it ever needed to be replaced again. This time around I going to use a slightly higher temperature thermal fuse than the first time around. So this time I’m going to go with a 291.2F (144C) thermal fuse. Since the next highest temperature thermal fuse at Radio Shack was 550F, but at that temperature, I would think that the plastic housing would start to melt before the thermal fuse would trip. Which would kind of defeat the whole purpose of having a thermal fuse to begin with.

It took me about 10 to 15 mins to do the thermal fuse swap, and I was back up and running with the Shop-Vac,  so we’ll see how long this fuse lasts.

New Fuse:
Radio Shack part# 270-1320, 291.2F (144C) Thermal Fuse

Going to order plant seeds this weekend

I just got my Johnny’s Selected Seeds catalog in the mail last month, so I’ve spent the last couple of weeks planning out what I want to order for this years garden. This way I’m not left high and dry like last year, in which I ended up getting all my seeds from Menards and there little Burpee display.
Here is the very large list that I’ve come up with so far of flowers, vegetable and herb seeds. Since I really don’t have the room to grow everything on the list, I’ll have to cut this list down a lot. But at least its a nice jumping off point to start a discussion. Continue reading

Happy St. Patrick’s Day and the Bud Light keg is cashed

It only took me a little over 4 1/2 months, but the never ending 1/2 barrel keg of Bud Light is finally cashed. Since this BL keg was taking up valuable kegerator space in the basement, that I could have been using for my kegs of Christmas beer and Red Rye. I decided to take matters into my own hands and start pouring pitchers instead of glasses this past weekend, since I knew from picking up the keg before the ski trip that I was close to the end of the BL.

So one weekend (Friday thru Monday night) and 5 pitchers later, we can officially say bye bye to the folks at Anheuser-Busch InBev right before St Patty’s. Yes the keg was free, and I’m not one to turn away a free beer. But I’ve got to tell you, for not liking Bud Light to begin with; drinking 15.5 gallons of the stuff hasn’t turned me from Miller to Bud. But at least now I can finally get back to drinking the good stuff……homebrew!

Final glass from the keg
Final glass from the keg

Back from Vacation

I’m back from taking a week off for a little bit of R&R, but it was more like a whole week of BS (beer and skiing). Now that I’ve got some of my vim & vigor back, it’s back to the craziness that is this blog.