What am I going to grow this year?

The last couple of years, I’ve been getting my all my plants (flowers, herbs, vegetables, etc.) from a local greenhouse down the road from my house.Well I’ve come to the realization, that I’m at the mercy of the greenhouse, and whatever they grow. So if the greenhouse doesn’t grow it, I’m left to buy whatever they did chose to grow.

So this year, I’m going to do it differently. I’m going all the way and starting all my plants from seeds. So far I’ve spent about $50 for seeds, soil and starting trays. Which is around what I would usually spend on all the seasons plants. And this way I still have all the trays for next years plants.

Here is the break down of this years plants:

Flowers, planting label and description:
F1 – Oriental Poppy Brilliant Red
F2 – Petunia Pink Sunshine
F3 – Bachelor’s Buttons Blue Boy
F4 – Morning Glory Pink Star
F5 – Zinnia Candy Cane Mix

Herbs, planting label and description:
H1 – Sweet Basil
H2 – Parsley
H3 – Cilantro
H4 – Sage, Common
H5 – Oregano
H6 – Dill, Mammoth
H7 – Rosemary

Vegetables, planting label and description:
V1 – Tomato Best Boy Hybrid
V2 – Tomato Roma
V3 – Hot Pepper Jalapeno M
V4 – Sweet Pepper California Wonder
V5 – Cucumber Burpee Pickler
V6 – Cucumber Marketmore 76
V7 – Beet Detroit Dark Red, Medium Top
V8 – Heirloom Pea Mammoth Melting Sugar
V9 – Garden Bean Kitchen King
V10 – Honeydew Melon Cool Green
V11 – Tomato Beefsteak Steak Sandwich Hybrid

Over the next couple of post I’ll show you the seedlings in action.

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