Damn you Bodum

Ever since I switched from drip to the French press method of making coffee; I have not wanted to go back. So I was a bit frustrated a few days ago, when I cracked the carafe on my Bodum French press. This being the second time it has happened. I thought that the second carafe would have held up a little bit longer, but alas no.

When I broken the pour spout while washing the first one in the sink. I thought that it might have been a fluke. And the galling part about the crack in the second carafe was that it was on the opposite side from a chip on the rim.

With this second carafe breaking I’m convinced that borosilicate glass has to have a limit to the number of hot and cold cycle shocks that it will endure. Just thinking about how many times I’ve used the French press to make coffee and un-sweetened iced tea over the past couple of years. I have to estimate the number of cycles over 500 but less then 1,000.

Very annoying, but hey what can you do. It least the carafe is the cheap version, and not the insulated double walled model. Then I would have been really pissed to replace an $40 carafe, compare to a $15-20 carafe. So it’s time to order replacement parts online, and maybe a couple extra spares just in case. Or I could test out the plastic carafe, since it is about the same price as the glass version.

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