Killing my plant seedlings

I didn’t know it was possible, but I actually ended up killing most of the flower seedlings that I started a few weeks back. What ended up happening was something called “damping-off.” Which is basically over watering the seedlings and having a soil fungus develop which kills the root system.

So with that mercy killing over with and done. Last night I started a new flat of flowers, vegetables and a couple of herbs, 12 different plants in all. To replace everything that I killed. I thought starting from seeds would be pretty easy, but it seems to be a little more difficult then I initially thought. Ironically the plant that is doing the best out of all the seedlings are the heirloom sugar peas, go figure. Maybe next year might be an all heirloom year, depending on the yields and taste of the sugar peas this year.

So R.I.P for the following plants, they tried to fight the good fight but lost (with a faint version of Taps playing in the background):

H5 – Oregano
H7 – Rosemary
V5 – Cucumber – Burpee Pickler
V6 – Cucumber – Marketmore 76
V9 – Garden Bean – Kitchen King
F2 – Petunia
F3 – Bachelor’s Buttons
F4 – Morning Glory
F5 – Zinnia
F10 – Alyssum

6 comments on “Killing my plant seedlings

  • Yeah, most of the heavy loses have been with the flowers. So I’m not really to heartbroken.

  • Good question. Last year I used full name plant tags in the garden to identify the plants, and that didn’t work out so well. So this year I am using a code system, to identify all the plants that I am growing this year. Since a popsicle stick will only hold a couple of characters, I came up with the following system.
    V = Vegetables
    F = Flowers
    H = Herbs
    And the number, is basically the ascending order of the seeds for that category on my excel spreadsheet.

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