The River of Information – Part 1

As an homage to Dr. Charles W. White’s “Visions” class, here is the first part of many parts of the “river of information” that I found interesting this week.

Chicago Legislators Get a Taste of the Worst of Transit System – Mass Transit

UAW Urges Members To Lobby Obama – Manufacturing Net

3 more states add deposits on water bottles; Goals are to raise money, cut litter – Packaging Digest

World corrugated-box demand tempered by global recession – Converting Mag

As Costs Fall, Companies Push to Raise Internet Price – NYT

The crisis: Timing strategic moves – The McKinsey Quarterly

2 comments on “The River of Information – Part 1

  • Hence all the Tea Parties popping up. I know in Iowa a while back the Governor & Legislature were talking about raising the bottle deposit from 5 cents to 10 cents, and including water, juice, etc., but it died on the vine when voters found out about their plans….Personally if you can eat or drink it, there shouldn’t be a tax on it period!

  • I had to laugh at the water deposit article. Being that I live in New York, we are directly affected by this. Now, being an upstanding environmentally responsible citizen, I recycle all of my household plastics and return all of my plastic bottles. Now logic dictates that if you are going to ‘tax’ water bottles because essentially they are the same as sprite bottles, then shouldn’t you also be ‘taxing’ milk jugs, vegetable oil containers and anything else that is a plastic liquid container. I mean come on, when does it stop. To further illustrate the farce that is my states government, the state proposed a tax on any fast-food/junk food purchases. Ok, fine. They want to promote healthy living in a rather obese society we are found in. Well then they go and put a tax on health club memberships. So they tax you because you want to get fat by eating fast food and then when you want to get/stay healthy they tax that too. So what in turn is the motivation to do much of anything. It feels an awful lot like 1773 redux.

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