Quick miiamonthly update

This is just a quick update; on the behind the scenes stuff going on here. I’ve been trying to put out a couple of posts a week, with one of the posts being of greater length then the others, so that has been going smoothly. Right now I currently have about 15 posts in the pipeline, so I still have plenty to write about.

We also have a new contributor on the site, my sis Cupcake. So expect to see some of her stuff on the site in the near future.

As far as the pictures that I sometimes include with posts, all of them are shot at 9 mp which works out to about >1.9 mb per photo. What I do is basically create an 800×600 thumbnail to upload into wordpress for the image source. Which will then generate the thumbnail grid. If you want any of the full size pictures which have a resolution of 3456×2592. Just let me know and we can figure something out.

As a couple of you already know. I ended up getting caught in a short squeeze because one of my houses didn’t sell at the beginning of the year as planned. So with that I ended up getting a real job for the first time in my life last week, FTE and all (no more co-op or contractor job titles, which is a strange turn of events for this “hired gun”). Even with the “recession” that way that it is, it probably helped me that I have a specific skill set that is in high demand from the mortgage sector of the economy right now.

So with that, I’ll try to keep the posts coming on a regular basis, but if you notice more shorter posts in the future or more being posted on the weekends, you’ll now know why.

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