Bacon Breakfast Burrito Recipes

This is one of those restaurant recipes that I wanted to duplicate for a while. I mean how hard could it be to make. If a high schooler working at MickyD’s can make a breakfast burrito.

As a side note, I really don’t like eggs, especially undercooked eggs of any style (poached, soft cooked, sunny side up with a runny yolk, over easy). There is just something about the smell that turns my stomach. But enough about me, let get back to the burritos.

You can make the breakfast burritos as simple or as complex as you want. But I’ve done I little bit of experimenting, and here are some of the combos that I’ve already made:

-Bacon, eggs, mild cheddar and ranch dressing (this one sounded good on paper, but tasted strange, due to the ranch dressing)
-Bacon, eggs, mild cheddar, salsa (very good, but a little bit messy depending on the salsa that you use)
-Bacon, mild cheddar, eggs, green Tabasco (this one is my standby)
-Bacon, swiss cheese, eggs (very mild, and a nice change up)
-Bacon, jalapeño cheese, eggs (I had high hopes for this one, but you really didn’t get any of the heat from the cheese)

So lets make my favorite, the green Tabasco version. Here is what you’ll need ingredient wise:

Two 8″ soft flour tortilla shells
Three large eggs
Six strips bacon
2 TB Mild Cheddar Cheese shredded
Green Tabasco
Salt and Pepper
Solidified Bacon Fat

I’ve got a credit Jim on the bacon fat idea, from the days in the ‘Dot. One time I was cooking bacon in a frying pan (not my preferred cooking method). And I decided to cook the eggs in the same pan, using the bacon fat instead of butter to lubricate the pan. After one time I was hooked. I like that it adds a hint of smokiness to the eggs. Plus I have plenty of extra bacon fat, so I’m always trying to think of new recipes to integrate the bacon fat into.

Why did I use bacon instead of breakfast sausage, you might be asking? Well I really like bacon for one. And I usually have a bag of cooked bacon in the fridge at all times. So it’s very handy to make a quick meal or as a topping on other dishes.

Back to the burrito assembly line. Since there is only a couple of ingredient, and if you already have the bacon cooked and sitting in the fridge, this becomes a 10 min meal that can be broken into two separate operations that are done concurrently: cooking the eggs and tortilla layout.

Heat up a small frying pan on medium heat and add a small pat of bacon fat. While the pan is heating up, start to gather and assemble all the cold burrito pieces. Which are the tortilla shells, the bacon and the cheese. After the cold part is assembled, just place to the side.

Crack three eggs into a bowl, add salt and pepper, and beat until it is well blended. Now that the pan is hot, add the eggs. Using a heatproof spatula, stir around the eggs until they are cooked to your desired doneness level. For me that is fully cooking and dry in the pan, no wetness for me. Then portion the eggs between the two burritos, top with green Tabasco, wrap and enjoy.

Side notes:

Don’t use a white heat proof spatula, since the pan gets hotter then the melting point of the spatula. So you will melt part of your spatula onto the pan, if you use a white heat proof model.

2 comments on “Bacon Breakfast Burrito Recipes

  • AuSable says:

    I wouldn’t have thought of adding beans. I might have to give it a try this weekend.

  • If you had extra time (So I guess more of a weekend thing) I’d make some Mexican style beans to hold the whole thing together. You could even crumble up the bacon and mix it in with the beans if you didn’t want to deal with a strip.

    P.S. Jah-red votes for seasoned tots in his, Taco John Style!

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