Off for Memorial Day

I was out of town for all of Memorial Day and didn’t get back into town until 11pm on Monday night. So here are some snacks until the next post in a couple of days.

It ended up raining on and off from Sunday to Wednesday, so it looks like the rain killed off more of the seedlings that I left outside over the holiday weekend (basically all the ones I just started two weeks ago). The big ones (over 6″) seem to be ok, but the ones under 2″ were basically killed off by the heavy rain. If I were running a subsistence farm, my goose would be cooked right now.

I also did some grilling this holiday weekend. Saturday I made rubbed pork tenderloin on the grill with mashed potatoes & cauliflower. Then on Sunday it was beer brats and onions. Monday was rained out so no boating. Just an afternoon at the Indian casino/family fun center arcade (you’ve got to teach the kids to work those one arm bandits while they are young.)

I do have a couple of posts in the bullpen, one for salad with chicken (not chicken salad) and another post about my experiments with making ciabatta bread.

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