Rhubarb – Start of June 2009

Well cutting off the flowers was a good thing, because the rhubarb monster is back in full force. As you can tell in a couple of the pics, some of the leaves are the size of elephant ears, and not the deep fried kind.

Out of the transplants I originally thought that “in the end, there can be only one”. But it appears that out of the six cutting two are going to survive the move, one in the hop garden and the other with the green monster. Since only those two each have a new stem emerging out of the ground. Thank you heavy rains……you may have killed most of my seedlings, but the rhubarb is loving it.

4 comments on “Rhubarb – Start of June 2009

  • AuSable says:

    I’m working on that. I’ve just been sorting through the pics to finish the post…..The centennial looks to be starting cone production toward the top of the plant.

  • AuSable says:

    When I was looking at the pics, the baby hand idea did cross my mind last night. “Look at the baaaaaby”

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