Ciabatta pics version 4

The forth time around they turned out a little bit better. I had a little bit of a deflation when the plastic wrap became stuck to two of the rolls. I need to come up with a better method to cover the ciabatta to let it rise before baking. I’d get a proofing cover, but I have a tiny kitchen and what else could a use a proofing cover for other then proofing bread? I could always try to cover the ciabatta with an overturned jelly roll pan, or one of the plastic domes from the seedling trays. I’m in no rush to come up with a solution to this little problem.

Break down of the times:
Poolish – 2 hr 30 mins on countertop, then 15 hrs 30 mins in the fridge
First rising – 2 hrs
Shaped rolls rising – 1 hr 30 mins

One other thing, instead of warming up a burner just for the first hour of the 3.5 hrs of rising. I turned it on before each hour of the bread rising, just to “juice” the fermentation, since I keep my house very cold, which isn’t the best for plants or bread, but it’s great for me.

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