Picked up June/July 2009 Wine Club Shipment Monday from Domaine Carneros

So once again I had to hold my wine shipment for pickup at the UPS Depot, since I was out of town when the shipment was scheduled. As usual with the mixed club that I subscribe to, I got a bottle of sparkling and a bottle of red.

The sparkling this shipment is a 2003 Le Rêve Blanc de Blancs, which is a blend of 98% Chardonnay and 2% Pinot Blanc. And the red is a 2007 Domaine Carneros Estate Pinot Noir.

One interesting item that I noticed in this shipments newsletter, were all the large format bottles that they have available, at pretty reasonable prices compared to their range of 750ml bottles. For Vintage Brut they have a Magnum(1.5L), Jéroboam(3.0L) and Methuselah (6.0L). For reds, they only have a Pinot Noir as a Magnum. It would be pretty sweet to get the Methuselah, 8 normal sized bottles in one very large bottle. Now thats a party!

4 comments on “Picked up June/July 2009 Wine Club Shipment Monday from Domaine Carneros

  • I might be 50/50 on New Year’s this year. Since I might try to go to Toronto with my folks to visit my mom’s side of the family this year. I haven’t seen all of them that live in Canada in close to 10 years. But I’m still working out the details for that trip, but I’ll keep you in the loop.

  • let’s start planning now, Nook’s going away party style, though less over the top…

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