Chopped out half the rhubarb – First half of June 2009

Time to tame the beast, and I’m not talking about either Supa or Old Milwaukee. The main rhubarb plant in the backyard has reached the point of being unruly, so its time for a haircut. More or less before I headed out of town this past weekend. I pulled out all the monster rhubarb stalks and left the babies to fend for themselves. After chopping off all the leaves and tossing them on the compost pile, I had a plastic grocery bag full of trimmed stalks. And a rhubarb plant that is now about half the size of its former self.

The original plan was to give all the rhubarb to my Mom and Dad that were visiting for the weekend. But it turns out that my Mom already had a frozen stockpile of rhubarb back in the D. With a quick change of plans, I ended up giving my sister’s mother-in-law all the rhubarb stalks, and she in turn made rhubarb crisp for us. For never having had a crisp before, I thought it turned out pretty good. I’m not a big sweet person, and this crisp was more tart then sweet. So it ended up working out after all, and I got a piece of desert for just growing the main ingredient. Which really involved me doing nothing to the rhubarb, other then letting it just grow in the garden.

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