Cinder block smoker or compost bin?

So I’ve got a dilemma.

When I bought my house a number of years back, for some reason the previous owner had left a pile of cinder blocks on the side of the house (as well as a bunch of past due water bills.) For the last couple of years they have just been stacked on the north side of the house, since I thought that it would be a waste to throw out perfectly good cinder blocks when I might need them some day. Say for instance stealing someones rims, this way I’m already prepared to put the car on blocks, but I digress.

What to do with the cinder blocks, what to do? I’ve basically narrowed it down to two different project to use them for, either a cinder block smoker or a compost bin. About a year ago I bought a used book about how to smoke meats, and the guy on the books cover oddly looks like Will Ferrell in costume. One of the topics in the book was how to make your own smoker, with one of the designs being a dry stack cinder block smoker. Well I just happen to have a whole pile of cinder blocks, so it was almost like I had a smoker in my backyard and didn’t even know it.

Well I’ve stacked up all the blocks into a smoker, and I have yet to use said smoker other then as a side table for the Weber grill. So having not used the smoker since being constructed at the beginning of the year. I’ve decided to dismantle the smoker and restack the blocks into a compost bin. And right now, I’m heavily leaning toward just leaving all the blocks in the new compost bin configuration. If only because I’ve already filled the compost bin with yard waste, and I would much rather have a trash can smoker instead of a cinder block smoker. Since I already have most of the parts to make a trash can smoker, then I did for a cinder block smoker.

2 comments on “Cinder block smoker or compost bin?

  • It probably helps that the house behind the compost bin is vacant. And I don’t think that anyone is going to be moving in anytime soon. Since the house is over priced for the area.

  • I vote for compost. Plus you can toss in food waste and (if wasted in the evening) human waste, much to the delight of your neighbors…

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