Making the Hershey’s Kitchens – Ranch Style Shrimp and Bacon Appetizers

Let me start by saying that this recipe despite the title has nothing to do with ranch dressing, unlike the whole salad with chicken thing. But more like “I’ll be spending the weekend at my ranch, branding cattle the whole time.”

This was actually a recipe I got in my inbox from Hershey’s of all websites. Yeah I know it totally doesn’t make sense, since the only Hershey item in the whole recipe is when you make the barbeque sauce from scratch. Which I didn’t even bother to do, since I had a new bottle of Sweet Baby Ray’s in the fridge, which I thinned with a little bit of High Life.

When I saw the picture for this recipe in the email, it started to make my mouth water, I just had to make it. So luck be told, when I got the recipe my sister was coming into town the next day and she wanted to eat some shrimp. It couldn’t have worked out any better.

Here are a couple of lessons learned with this recipe:
1) Try not to use wooden skewers, even with a 15 min soak in water the bamboo lit up like a matchstick.
2) If you needed to make a lot (if wanting to double the recipe), skip the skewers and use one of those clamping grill baskets. And it will also make flipping easier and quicker.
3) If you need to roll them ahead of time, you totally can. Since the roll-up takes a little bit of time to do.
4) Like I said above. I thinned the Sweet Baby Ray’s with a little bit of High Life, just for ease of coating the shrimp.
5) Since the original recipe doesn’t use any salt or pepper. I had to give it a little bit of seasoning. So I ended up give the shrimp and bacon a light dusting of Chicago Polish Seasoning from The Spice House in Chicago. It added a nice bit of smokiness to the dish.
6) Watch them like a hawk, because I only left them on for 2 mins on the first side & i was getting crazy flare ups from the bacon. Total cook was maybe 6 mins total, but no more then 10 mins.

These were pretty damn addictive after the first bit, and I will definitely be adding this to my emergency cooking memory bank. Because it looks awesome and tastes awesome.

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