Garden is all planted – Week 4 – June 2009

Well two weekends ago I finally planted all the vegetables and herbs in the garden, I’m only at least a month behind schedule. And it is showing in the size of the plants.

Here is what I’ve planted this year:
-Red Cabbage
-Yellow Squash
-Cardinal Peppers
-Habanero Peppers
-Jalapeño Peppers
-Bell Boy Peppers
-Dark Red Beets
-Green Onions
-Best Boy Tomatoes
-Roma Tomatoes
-Marketmore 76 Cucumbers
-Burpee Pickler Cucumbers
-Burpeeless Cucumbers
-Bush Snap Beans
-Wax beans
-Snow Peas

2 comments on “Garden is all planted – Week 4 – June 2009

  • AuSable says:

    1) I’m a month behind because I started my plants from seed to late in the year. I didn’t anticipate a large portion of my seedlings dying before ever being transplanted outside. 2) I’ve been keeping my eyes peeled and I’m not seeing any new flowers starting to grow on the rhubarb. Maybe it just a once and done kind of thing, instead of flowers the whole season.

  • 2 questions: 1) are you a month behind due to weather factors? 2) are you going to let the Rhubarb flower and got to seed now?

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