A lifetimes worth of sisal twine

A couple of weeks back I ran out of sisal twine, while stringing up my tomato plants. So I’ve been keeping my eye’s peeled for a good price on sisal twine. Well I think that I struck the mother lode!

The original plan was to go to Menard’s and get a 2250′ spool of sisal twine for $10.43 ($0.004635 a foot). But I kept holding off on getting the spool, because I had a hunch that there had to be a better quality twine at a lower price per foot, somewhere else in town. So I put on my thinking cap, thinking where else I could buy sisal twine.

While driving through the outskirts of town, on my way to a sign shop in the middle of nowhere, it hit me. The farm supply store!

So I swung by Tractor Supply Co, and they had just the ticket, which was a 16,000′ bundle of Brazilian sisal twine for use in a round baler for $36.99 ($0.0023119 a foot). So per foot it is half as much as the stuff at Menard’s. But the bonus is that its a better quality twine, since it doesn’t have any knots because it is intended for use in a round baler. If my calculation are correct, and I keep using about 200′ of sisal twine in the garden each year. This purchase should last me for the next 80 years, basically the rest of my life. So if anyone needs a couple of hundred feet of sisal twine, I think that I’ve got a little bit to spare.

4 comments on “A lifetimes worth of sisal twine

  • ……or Drake for that matter. There is this headshop by Drake called Daydreams that advertises on the radio all the time. The best is that they use Cheech & Chong impersonators in the ratio ad……But I do happen to have a book on macramé.

  • AuSable says:

    I was actually going to try and make my own netting for the garden. Maybe if I was in Ann Arbor I might have a chance in the hippy jewelry business, selling my wares in the headshops.

  • you can start making your own rope; then you can learn decorative knots and pump out some hippy jewelry in your spare time, pure profit!

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