More broken stuff – inside and outside

Man, I don’t know what is going on, but stuff has been breaking all around me. And it seems to be happening out of nowhere. First it was big blue ceramic bowl, and then it was my kettle (and I didn’t even think that it was possible to break a stainless steel kettle.) And now just a couple of days ago the support grate inside my charcoal chimney starter disintegrated to nothing.

The chimney starter had to have been the funniest thing that broke out of the three. I went through my usual process to start a batch of charcoal, and when I came back 15 minutes later to check on the charcoals progress. The top of the charcoal had dropped ~2 inches, which I thought was kind of strange. So I just added some more charcoal to the top of the chimney.

It wasn’t until the coals were ready that I found out why they had dropped so much. When I picked up the starter all the coals fell out the bottom. I should have known that the end was near for the chimney starter when I had to replace one of the rivets on the handle a week ago. Well it least it is close to the end of summer, so I’ll be able to get another starter as an end of season clearance before they are all gone.

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