End of growing season – Killing Frost – 10-10-09

I thought that I would be able to get a couple more weeks out of the growing season, but Mother Nature had a different idea. I knew that it was going to be cold on Friday night (it was right around 37F.) But whatever didn’t get clipped by the weather on Friday night, got a second round on Saturday night (right around 29F.) So most of Saturday afternoon was spent picking everything that was left in the garden, ripe/un-ripe it didn’t matter. What I ended up was a whole box of vegetables, with half of it being green tomatoes. My hand was forced due to the weather, but it least I’ll be able to final try out some fried green tomatoes this week.

5 comments on “End of growing season – Killing Frost – 10-10-09

  • My favorite use is to slice it pretty thin, cut up bacon strips into ~1″ pieces and render them in a pan. Remove the bacon from the pan, medium dice some red onion and a little garlic, use the bacon fat to saute them and the cabbage for a bit. Add some soy sauce and dry white wine to bring a little moisture to the pan and throw the lid on for 5-10 min to let everything soften. pull the lid off and cook the liquid down about 1/2. sprinkle i=on some red pepper flakes if you feel like it, and serve as a side. I eat it as a main sometimes.

  • Frozen death comes quickly for purple cabbage. I hope you have designs on a lot of coleslaw or rotkohl. I am well versed in ways of using up cabbage since I was getting a head per produce box for a long time, ask if you want suggestions.

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