Happy 100th Post!!!!

This post marks a milestone for miia monthly, in that this is the 100th post to the site!!! WooHoo!!! Who knew that it would only take 6 months? Personally I never thought that this “blog” would have lasted a month, let alone 6 months. But I’ve started to use this website in a strange way myself. In that I’m using it to look up my own recipes so that I don’t have to remember all the details (pictures, words, everything.) This is a big enhancement from my old method of writing down my recipes (and cooking notes) on a note card. Plus if I’m traveling, I’ll always have my recipes available.

So I hope that you enjoyed the first 100 posts, and hope that you stick around for the next 100 posts and beyond.

Thank you.

2 comments on “Happy 100th Post!!!!

  • Now that the growing season is over, some of the focus of this site can be more “indoor” stuff (like cooking, etc.) So as time moves forward, you’ll see more and more recipes posted.

  • I actually use it as a reference for your pizza dough recipe myself. Maybe there could be a focus on adding more recipes. I might have to start taking pictures of things I cook and guest post.

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