Picked up Oct/Nov 2009 Wine Club Shipment from Domaine Carneros

This months wine shipment sounds exciting. Yeah I’ve got the usual red (2007 Avant Garde Merlot) & sparkling wine mix, but for the sparkling wine they shipped out something very intriguing, a 2006 Blanc de Noir.

From reading Domaine Carneros’ flyer this month, I guess that this is only the second time that they have released a Blanc de Noir, which is basically a white wine made from black grapes. There first release of Blanc de Noir was in 2001, but it seemed more like an experiment from a stand out Pinot Noir Cuveé. It wasn’t until 2006 that they had another Pinot Noir Cuveé that to quote them “wanted its own recognition.” So I’m pretty excited to give this sparkling wine a try, and at a list price of $33 and a club price of $29.99 a bottle (even lower when getting half case and up), a pretty reasonable price point to boot.

In some other exciting wine news, in about 2-3 weeks I should be getting my Magnum Society shipment for the year. I’ll post more info in that shipment when it arrives.

One comment on “Picked up Oct/Nov 2009 Wine Club Shipment from Domaine Carneros”

  • Dark grape sparkling is excellent. Typically it has the body to stand up to big, meaty flavors: pork, game, etc. Beef might be too big, but it could be something worth trying.

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