Magnum Society Shipment for 2009 – Domaine Carneros

Booyah!!!! Last Friday I stopped by UPS to pick up my Magnum Society shipment from Domaine Carneros, which is a 2006 Magnum sized bottle of Sparkling Brut this year. But Domaine Carneros is also offering a bunch of different holiday deals this year for wine club members.

One deal that peaked my interest is their Thanksgiving Trio of the following three bottles for $110: 2002 Late Disgorged Brut, 2007 Avant-Garde Chardonnay, 2006 La Terre Promise Pinot Noir. But I don’t think that I’ll be ordering anything extra then my normal club shipments this year, seeing how I still have over 12 bottles of Carneros wine just sitting in the basement from this years shipments. Plus I still have another regularly scheduled shipment coming in a couple of weeks, of a 2005 Ultra Brut and a 2007 La Terre Promise Pinot Noir. So I think I’ll be bringing some wine for Thanksgiving and Christmas dinner this year.

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