Review – Georges Duboeuf – Beaujolais Nouveau 2009

Always an easy drinking wine. And what I would consider an everyday table red (to steal a line from an twice removed uncle.) Usually Beaujolais Nouveau is very thin, but after a couple of glasses during Thanksgiving a few months back. I have to say that this years wine has a little more body/substance then normal. So if this is any sign of what’s to come from France for 2009, its a very good sign indeed.

When I first saw this wine after Halloween at Costco I thought that I had plenty of time to pick up a couple of bottles. Part of it being that they had a whole pallet of the stuff. Well I guess word got out about this years batch of wine being good. Because when I went to Costco before Christmas to get a couple of bottles, all that was left was 4 cases. Yikes! I only ended up getting 3 bottles, since I can only drink so much wine in one sitting. But I was glad to get some before it was sold out.

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