Potato Chip Review – Doritos – Mr. Dragon’s FireChips

OK, so talk about a random bag of chips.
When I was down visiting my sister and her husband a while back. My sister ended up picking me up a bag of Mr. Dragon’s FireChips from Doritos. Personally I didn’t know what to expect, since the name really didn’t lead you down the road to what the chips should taste like. But the description on the back of the bag ended up being a subtle clue with the statement:

From the base of Mt. Fuji, this dragon, a symbol of luck, had brought DORITOS one of Japan’s most intense flavors.

And with only one bite the enigma was solved, and all the clues then made sense. So what do you think the flavor is? Give up?


And I’ve got to tell you; these are some pretty damn good chips. And for once I’ll give Frito-Lay some “props” for coming up with an original flavor and some pretty cleaver packaging to boot. Because after you have a chip you realize, “Oh the pale green color of the bag is pretty close to the color of wasabi” and “Oh now all those Dragon and Japan references make sense.”

As kind of an interesting side note on the ingredients, the bag lists both horseradish and wasabi as ingredients. And you can really taste both flavors on the chip, the horseradish more so then the wasabi. But I have a feeling like they added in the horseradish to keep the costs down, as well as the intense heat down from just “100% real wasabi”. So I’m not going to fault them for going down this road, since 100% wasabi would have been unbearable on these chips.

Overall these chips are a winner in my book.

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