Cyber Monday – Sunflower seeds from BIGS

What a deal, what a deal.

I was just about to head out to the local truck stop, to see what kind of sunflower seeds they carried from BIGS. But when I checked out BIGS website on the Sunday after Thanksgiving, they happened to be running a Cyber Monday special for free shipping on all orders over $10, plus they tossed in a free gift with your order (a branded plastic cup filled with sample bags of flavored sunflower seeds.) So what I ended up ordering was there variety bundle (2 bags each of 6 different flavors, for a total of 12 bags), a bag of the Jim Beam Jalapeno flavored seeds, and a bag of the Jim Beam Barbeque flavored seed, so 14 bags in total for ~$21.89 with free shipping.

So other then being a great deal, in both the cost per bag, and the free shipping. But they ended up shipping the sunflower seeds by FedEx no less, instead of the USPS.

Now you might be asking yourself, “Why would someone buy 14 bags of sunflower seeds off of the Internet?”. Well it boils down to this…..I finally found a brand of sunflower seeds that I like, and BIGS are kind of difficult to find due to limited physical distribution (truck stops, random convenience stores, etc), hence the large internet order.

Many moons ago, the only brand of sunflower seeds that I knew of was from David’s. And the seeds from David’s really didn’t do it for me as a snack food, since I only saw the “original” flavor on store shelves, plus the seeds were tiny as well.

So on a cross country road trip last year, I happened to pick up a couple of pouches of sunflower seeds from GIANT and from BIGS, and it totally changed my perspective on the world of sunflower seeds. But between GIANT and BIGS, I really took a liking to the seeds from BIGS. With the deciding factor being that the seeds from BIGS came in a zip-top pouch, which was a big bonus in my book. Out of all the flavor listed below, I’ve only had the Jim Beam Barbeque and the Frank’s Red Hot before this large purchase, and I enjoyed both flavors.

So as I mentioned above, I though that I would take the full plunge, and order up the 12 count variety pack, that way I would get to try 5 other flavors that I haven’t tried before. And I also tossed in a bag of the Jalapeno seeds, since I haven’t seem them before. And if some of the flavors work out, and others don’t, no big deal (pun intended). I’ll only be out a couple of bucks, but at least I would have gotten a chance to try some different flavors for a change.

Shipment List Breakdown:
1 bag –  5.15oz Jim Beam Jalapeno Sunflower Seeds by BIGS
1 bag – 5.15oz Jim Beam Barbeque Sunflower Seeds by BIGS
2 bag – BIGS Zesty Ranch flavored Sunflower Seeds
2 bag – BIGS Frank’s Red Hot Buffalo Wing flavored Sunflower Seeds
2 bag – BIGS Vlasic Dill Pickles flavored Sunflower Seeds
2 bag – BIGS Sea Salt and Black Pepper flavored Sunflower Seeds
2 bag – BIGS Original Salted and Roasted flavored Sunflower Seeds
2 bag – BIGS Sizzlin’ Bacon flavored Sunflower Seeds

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