Seed Starting – 05/22/2011 – Day 53

So I went to the transplant sale a few weeks ago over at Turtle Farm, and picked up a whole pile of random seedlings, and here is what I ended up getting (I’ve included links with more info for some of the more off-beat items):

So I have a pretty good variety of random stuff for the garden. And we’ll see what does or doesn’t do well in the garden this year.

You’ll also notice that the seedlings that I started are looking better compared to a few weeks ago. I guess there really is something to using a bulb that is more in the blue spectrum. Since these seedlings are definitely looking hardier than they were two weeks ago. A few more days, and all these seedlings are going to be put into the ground, and the garden will then officially be up and running for the season.

2 comments on “Seed Starting – 05/22/2011 – Day 53

  • AuSable says:

    Well its not like I didn’t get my monies worth out of the old Nikon. I just checked and I’ve taken around 9,000 photos over the last three years, with that point and shoot Nikon. On the FujiFilm point and shoot digital camera that I had before the Nikon, I only got to about 4,500 pictures before retiring it. So hopefully this Panasonic will break the 10,000 picture mark.

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