My green thumb has fallen off.

Man, I just have not been having any good luck with the garden. The grow lights that I had set up in the basement have not really helped the growth rate of the seedlings. If anything it seems to have stunted the plants growth. Another thing, is that I probably shouldn’t have set-up the grow stand in the basement. The basement temp hovers around 55-60F, when the plants need temperatures in the 70’s. I’ve also had a lot of “damping off” problems with all the seedlings. So it’s been one thing after another this year.

When I started this whole seedlings thing. I though that this would be easy, but it just doesn’t seem to be going my way. So I’m going to change some things around, for the next batch of seedlings. Instead of using a store bought seed starting mix, I’m going to mix my own starter soil. I’m also going to add some SoilMoist, to see if that will help prevent the “damping-off” problems that I’ve had. I’m also am going to sanitize everything with Star San to kill off any possibility of fungus carrying over to the newest batch of seedlings. Wish me luck!

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