Garden is planted – 05/18/2010

Over this past weekend, I finally transplanted all the seedlings that I grew. Unfortunately I ran into a bit of an issue, since almost all the seedlings developed a bad case of sunburn on their leaves. Guess I shouldn’t have given the seedlings full sun right off the bat, since I put them out for the full day on Friday the 14th.

Last year my issue was “damping off” (see here & here), and now this year sunburns. Man if it isn’t one thing its another.

2 comments on “Garden is planted – 05/18/2010

  • AuSable says:

    I ended up using a couple of wire coat hangers to hold it all together, since I couldn’t find any bailing wire in the basement. Yeah you would have been searching for a long time, since I just posted more info on the bins a few mins ago. So its more like lazy on my part for not posting more info sooner.

  • LOVE the pallet compost bins, how’d you get them to stay together? Is there a post here somewhere that I just couldn’t find with my lazy searching?

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