Hops Plants – First week of May update

Once again the centennial hops is crushing the golding hops like it is no ones business. When I took some measurements today 5/3/09, one vine of the centennial has already reached 6′, while the golding is barely an inch off the ground. The difference is almost shocking.

I guess that I’m glad that I made the hop trellis A-frame close to 20′ tall, because the centennial is going to need it this year. In just one day from 7pm on 5/2 to 7pm on 5/3 the centennial grew a whole foot. Yikes!!

4 comments on “Hops Plants – First week of May update

  • AuSable says:

    I did a quick measure when I got home from work, and I can’t reach the top of the centennial vine anymore. So its at least 8′ tall for the centennial, while the golding is less then a 1′ tall.

  • Supa’s hops are already taller than his dad (who is in turn taller than Supa). Sounds like it’s going to be a fantastic harvest season.

  • AuSable says:

    Yes, it is already taller then all of last years growth. The only thing slowing it down is overcast weather.

  • Is the Centennial Taller than last year already? That think looks like it’s will be a monstah!

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