Hops – mid-May 2009

As predicted, the centennial is growing like crazy. In fact the centennial has sent out a running, so now I’ve got two centennial vines trying to grow. I’m tempted to cut the running and move it to another spot in the hop garden, but I haven’t decided.

The golding is finally starting to grow, though not as vigorously as the centennial. Right now the golding has one vine that is about mid-chest in height. I’ve got a feeling that most of the cone production this year will be from the centennial. But who knows.

3 comments on “Hops – mid-May 2009

  • AuSable says:

    You know I noticed the leaf difference as well, now that the plants are getting bigger. My guess is that it’s going to stay that way.

  • Looking again, it’s interesting that the leaves of the Golding look so different from the Centennial. Will they stay that way?

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