Centennial cones are growing – Mid June 2009

Oh baby, do we have some cone production happening on the centennial hops. I had very low expectations for hop cones this year. But man is the centennial cranking out the cones. To the top 2′ of the centennial vines, there is copious amounts of cone production. As you get closer to the ground you start to get less and less cones. I am definitely going to have enough centennial hops this year for at least a couple of 5 gallon batches of beer. YES!!!

One thing I might change for next year, would be to have the hops growing diagonally to the south instead of vertical. Because if I run a steel cable from the hops to one of the trellis posts in the vegetable garden, it would be close to 30′. More then enough length for the hops to really grow out.

11 comments on “Centennial cones are growing – Mid June 2009

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  • Yeah, let me know how the Supa hops are coming along……I ended up cutting out the two centennial runners and giving them to a business acquaintance in town. He was pretty happy, since he planted a bunch of centennial hops this year and they are only 6″-12″ tall. While the cuttings I gave him were 4′-6′ long…… Once all the rain stops, I’ll give the hops a squeeze and let you know.

  • Thanks, I try to post new stuff a couple of times a week. Most of the time I update stuff on the weekends, unless something interesting and quick happens during the week.

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  • lastly: I’m going to MI this weekend, hoping to take a stroll through the Tarolli Forest o’ Hops. I’ll take photos if possible.

  • Also: “How do you know when your hops are ready to be picked?
    Both feel and smell are involved. If the hop cone is not ripe it will feel soft, slightly damp to the touch, and remain compressed when squeezed. Ripe hop cones will feel light
    and dry, and spring back when squeezed. When ripe the lupulin glands at the base of the cone petals will have a golden yellow color and a sticky residue that is fragrant when squeezed.

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  • AuSable says:

    You know, I don’t know. I’m almost tempted to harvest some toward the very top of the vine.

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