Misha the Cat

You’ll never believe it, but my folks got a kitten while they were in town helping with my sisters garage sale a couple of weekends back. We were driving around town after the garage sale, collecting all the signs that my sister posted around town. As we were driving back home, my sister and mom wanted to stop at this garage sale to check it out. (I know it doesn’t make any sense, why would you go to a garage sale. If you were just done having one.)

While I was waiting in the truck with my sisters husband. Curiosity got the best of me, and I had to check out this garage sale (but it was more like a yard sale, since the sale was in there front yard and not the garage in the back of the house.) Well it turned out that not only were they sell junk in the front yard, but they were also giving away kittens on the front porch.

Turns out that my Mom just couldn’t resist a free kitten. She ended up picking out this 4 week old gray cat with blue eyes. There were a bunch of different cats, but the gray one was the youngest. Which is probably for the best, since mom wants her to be an inside only cat.

We sent quite a bit of time on Saturday, trying to come up with girl cat names. Since the cat is gray, I threw in my two cents to name her Kimball, but no one else was liking it as much as me. Turns out that the cat kind of named herself. During our brainstorming session we stumbled on Misha, and it just kind of worked for her. So here is Misha the cat.

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