Four legged visitor for the next three weeks

So listen to this. My folks came out to visit me during the first weekend in December, and they brought along their cat, Misha. You might remember her from a long time ago, in this post.

Well needless to say, when my parents left for home on Tuesday morning, Misha went into hiding in the basement. My folks spent about an hour trying to find her, but Misha just didn’t want to be found. So they ended up having to leave her behind until they come back for Christmas. So basically I still have Misha for another week and a half, before my parents show back up to claim her.

So far its been a mixed bag with Misha, since she is still in her “man hater” mood, and keeps hissing at my all the time. A couple of times she let me play with her, but that has only happened twice. Most mornings I get to find out what “trouble making” she got into the night before. For some reason, one of her favorate things to do, is grab the toliet paper roll from the bathroom and chew it up in the middle of the room. But in general, she likes to chew almost anything (posters, speaker cables, clothing, etc.), which is very anoying. Personally I can’t wait until our time together is over with.

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