Potato Chip Review – Lay’s California Cool Dill

What a surprise, how similar these chips taste to Lay’s sour cream & onion….except that they changed the green onion for dill. It’s a nice subtle change from sour cream & onion, without any heavy R&D costs on the part of Frito-Lay (Which I’m sure they blew on the WoW Mt. Dew flavors.) Right now if I had to pick between sour cream & onion vs dill, I would say that it is a toss up. So if you like Lay’s sour cream & onion, you’ll like the slight change up with the Lay’s California Cool Dill.

2 comments on “Potato Chip Review – Lay’s California Cool Dill

  • From the label on the bag (Limited Edition 2009 Taste of America), it say’s to me that it was a seasonal item from Lay’s just for the summer time. Which personally isn’t too surprising coming from PepsiCo, since they do it with pop flavors all the time (Sierra Mist Cranberry, Mt. Dew Live Wire, etc.) More then likely you’ll have to wait until next summer to get your dill fix, unless you can find them on Lay’s chip finder somewhere in your area.

  • I tried Lays California Dill in the spring when I first saw them, and fell in love with them. That was at a walmart in Long Beach, Ca. About 2 weeks later, they never surfaced again, and I have looked everywhere for them. Is Lays not making this flavor anymore? Anxiously waiting a reply….P

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