Potato Chip Review – Lay’s California Cool Dill

What a surprise, how similar these chips taste to Lay’s sour cream & onion….except that they changed the green onion for dill. It’s a nice subtle change from sour cream & onion, without any heavy R&D costs on the part of Frito-Lay (Which I’m sure they blew on the WoW Mt. Dew flavors.) Right now if I had to pick between sour cream & onion vs dill, I would say that it is a toss up. So if you like Lay’s sour cream & onion, you’ll like the slight change up with the Lay’s California Cool Dill.

Potato Chip Review – Lay’s Monterey Pepper Jack

Now these chips were good! Part of it might be that I had very low expectations after the whole Wisconsin Cheddar debacle. But here is the lowdown.

Right when I opened the bag the first smell that hit my nose was peaches n’ cream corn topped with butter, with a very faint after hint of Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion. Just the main corn smell started to make my mouth water craving some Iowa sweet corn. It really wasn’t until about an hour later that I started to pick-up a hint of the sour cream and onion. But really it was so faint, that it was very easy to miss. Continue reading