Racking the IPA to Glass Secondary

Well its been about 5 days in the primary fermenter, and it looks like most of the activity has dropped off. Right now the airlock only bubbles about once in a minute, if not a little bit longer. I did a gravity read, and at 80F it had an FG of 1.008, so that would put the ABV right around 4.3%. Keep in mind that if I had 70% efficiency (which isn’t a lot to ask) the ABV would have been 5.3%. C’est la vie.

On a side note, I’m brewing up a dry stout this weekend, so I actually spent the $7 for a good glass thermometer. This should hopefully help me hit my target temperatures with a bit more precision, compared to the turkey fryer thermometer that I have been using. Wish me luck.

One comment on “Racking the IPA to Glass Secondary”

  • cloudy. Soon enough it will clarify out and be ready for drinking. We should celebrate like a holiday.

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