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For some reason last week, I was in the mood to have potato pancakes for dinner. I usually don’t like to make them, because I always seem to cut my hand while grating the potatoes on the box grater. So instead of making pancakes from all grated potatoes. I went with a combination of grated and shredded potatoes, with about three quarters of the potato grated, and the nub that is left shredded.

I really didn’t get a chance to do a side-by-side tasting of a full grated pancake verse a grated/shredded pancake. But since it is only composed of ~25% shredded potatoes, if anything it adds a little bit more potato texture without turning the potato pancake into a hash brown. But on the flip side if you like croquette potatoes and there smooth interior texture, you might prefer just sticking with a fully grated potato pancake. Really the options are limitless, so lets get cooking.

The ingredients couldn’t be more simple:

1.5 to 2 lbs – Burbank russet potatoes (~4 medium potatoes)
1/4 cup AP flour

Basically peel the potatoes, grating about three quarters of the potato, then shred the rest. More then likely after you’re done grating/shredding the potatoes, you’ll have some potato starch pooling in the pile of potatoes. You could drain it if you want, but I just leave it in the bowl. Now that the potatoes have been processed, add 1/4 cup of AP flour using a rubber spatula to mix it all up.

I cooked the pancakes in a 12″ frying pan over medium heat, with just a little bit of vegetable oil in the pan. Using a 1.5oz disher, scoop up some of the potato mix and drop into the pan. Repeat until you have three pancakes in the pan, using the disher to flatten out the pancake.

The first batch will take longer then latter batches. But the clue for me when to turn the pancakes, is when the potatoes start to look dry on top, then you know it is time to flip them over. More or less it is about 3-5 minutes a side, depending on the heat of the pan and how crispy you want the pancakes to be. I like to season with salt and pepper afterwards, which is just an old habit for me. After seasoning I’ll top with either plain sour cream or ranch dip made with sour cream, either one is a good topping in my opinion.
Now Enjoy.

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  • Yet another reason you need a food processor, it makes grating things 100 times easier.

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