Potato Chip Review – Wavy Lay’s – Au Gratin

What can I say other then the suspicions I had with the Wisconsin Cheddar Lay’s have been confirmed when I finally re-experienced Au Gratin Wavy Lay’s. Other then the obviousness of these being wavy cut chips versus the flat cut on the Wisconsin Cheddar. The flavors are pretty much the same other then the Au Gratin having less cheddar overtones then the Wisconsin Cheddar version. Surprisingly I actually prefer the Au Gratin to the Wisconsin Cheddar, since I really don’t care for the pronounced sharp cheddar cheese flavor on the Wisconsin Cheddar. But hey, to each their own.

3 comments on “Potato Chip Review – Wavy Lay’s – Au Gratin

  • I agree, just something to mix it up, since there flavors don’t seem very original at times. Yeah garlic would be good, but I wouldn’t mind seeing even some leek or shallot flavoring added.

  • They should have added something delicious in addition to differentiate it for the multiple other “cheddar” flavored chips. A little garlic or even baked them after they added the flavoring to get that gratin top flavor.

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