Potato Chip Review – Old Dutch – Salt & Vinegar Kettle Chips

I guess that everything old is new again, because the first thing that I thought of when I tired these chips was Lay’s Dill Pickle flavored chips. But when you think about it, talk about a brilliant piece of marketing on the part of potato chip companies. Salt and Vinegar chips are a down in the dumps flavor, almost a throwback flavor in these current times. But guess what, you add a little dash of dill flavoring and presto! You were able to recycle a flavor that no one was buying into something cutting edge.

As a side note, for some strange reason Salt & Vinegar flavored chips always make me think of the UK and fish and chips. Maybe it was because of the baby blue color on both the Lay’s Salt & Vinegar chips as well as these Old Dutch chips. Did I somehow miss the memo that baby blue = salt & vinegar?

But in any case, I thought that these Kettle Cooked Old Dutch chips were pretty good, and judging by my consumption of half a 8.5 oz bag in one sitting, that means a pretty solid thumbs up from me. Maybe I’m currently experiencing a salt & malt vinegar deficiency that needed to be quenched. But these salt & vinegar really hit the spot. And mixed with a little bit of beer from a free keg of BL (15.5 gallons isn’t going to drink itself away) in the kegerator it made for a nice, though unhealthy late night snack.

Potato Chip Review – Wavy Lay’s – Au Gratin

What can I say other then the suspicions I had with the Wisconsin Cheddar Lay’s have been confirmed when I finally re-experienced Au Gratin Wavy Lay’s. Other then the obviousness of these being wavy cut chips versus the flat cut on the Wisconsin Cheddar. The flavors are pretty much the same other then the Au Gratin having less cheddar overtones then the Wisconsin Cheddar version. Surprisingly I actually prefer the Au Gratin to the Wisconsin Cheddar, since I really don’t care for the pronounced sharp cheddar cheese flavor on the Wisconsin Cheddar. But hey, to each their own.

Potato Chip Review – Lay’s Monterey Pepper Jack

Now these chips were good! Part of it might be that I had very low expectations after the whole Wisconsin Cheddar debacle. But here is the lowdown.

Right when I opened the bag the first smell that hit my nose was peaches n’ cream corn topped with butter, with a very faint after hint of Lay’s Sour Cream and Onion. Just the main corn smell started to make my mouth water craving some Iowa sweet corn. It really wasn’t until about an hour later that I started to pick-up a hint of the sour cream and onion. But really it was so faint, that it was very easy to miss. Continue reading

Potato Chip Review – Lay’s Wisconsin Cheddar

Two words sum up these chip: not impressed. At first they smelled like Nacho Cheese Bugles, then I tried them and they were boring and nothing like Bugles. They basically taste like every other cheese flavored chip from Lay’s. I wouldn’t be surprised if those lazy bastards at Lay’s didn’t just repackage their cheddar & sour cream flavor with a new label, to get you to buy more of a flavor they already make. I know that I fell for the trick. So if I had two more hands, I’d give it four thumbs down.

Potato Chip Review – Sabritas – Chile Piquín

This is one of the chips from the care package, and it had a pretty good flavor. When you smell the chips, they don’t have a very strong smell. But what they lack in smell, they make up for in taste. Overall you get a combo of three different flavors with these chips, the chile, some cumin and lime.

The chips have some heat from the chile, but they really don’t have a lingering heat. So once you’re done eating the chips, the heat of the chilies goes away fairly quickly. At first I thought they would going to taste like a hot paprika chip, but they didn’t at all. What was really different was not so much the lime, as the cumin. It was almost like eating a spicy taco on a potato chip, but different.

I had these chips with a sandwich made of freshly baked ciabatta, and it was a good combo. These are chips that I wouldn’t mind having again at a later date. Thumbs up!

Weekly Potato Chip Feature

If there is one food in this world that I love, it would be “salty snacks” with the subcategory of potato chips being the focus. I kind of lump a lot of items under the “potato chip” banner. Things like pringles, tortilla chips, puffed vegetable chips, cheetos, fritos, etc. Basically most of the snacks in the “chip aisle”, even though they may not be made of potatoes.

I usually have tortilla chips & bagel chips always on hand. But I love to try out new chips flavors from Lay’s or one of the remaining indepenant producers. I just got a care package of about half a dozen different bags of mexican flavored Lay’s that I am excited to try out and post a review. I was also just at the grocery store and got 3 different bags of the 2009 Taste of America Lay’s, so those should be pretty good.

With so many different chips on hand right now (about 10). I’ll have plenty of material to write about for weeks.

As would be expected, chip flavors come and go. Here are some MIA flavors that I can’t find anymore, but would love to have again:
Ruffles – KC Masterpiece (much better the hickory BBQ ruffles)
Backer’s – german style chips (these were really good chips and they had celery salt as one of the seasoning ingredients. I got them at the Dutchman’s store one time, and they never carried them again.)

So enjoy the reviews. First up, Sabritas Chile Piquín.