Add one more item to the broken list – Shop-vac

And the hits just keep on rolling.
I set out some time tonight to finally vacuum and mop the whole house. And while I was vacuuming my bedroom, which by the way is the only room in the house with carpet, my Shop-Vac stopped working out of nowhere. At first I thought that the extension cord had gone bad. After that was ruled out, all I had left to troubleshoot was the Shop-Vac itself.

After the instruction manual left me wanting, I turned to a couple of online forums and my worst suspicions were confirmed. I ended up blowing the thermal fuse that is all the way inside the motor housing. As you can probably tell from the exploded view below, you really have to take apart the whole shop-vac to get to that little part. Luckily I think that I may have found a replacement thermal fuse at Radio Shack (always saving me in an electronics pinch). So all I have to do is swing by the one that is a couple miles from my house, and pick up a replacement fuse. Wish me luck.

2 comments on “Add one more item to the broken list – Shop-vac

  • No kidding. It would have been better if they had used a resettable fuse, like the kind they put into central air gas furnaces. A couple minutes of cool down, press the button to reset the fuse, and I would have been back in business.

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