Potato Chip Review – Jays Regular Potato Chips

These were one of the bags of chips that I picked up at the Meijer in Kalamazoo. And after having a small bowl of these chips, I have to say that the saying on the bag is true and you really “can’t stop eating ’em.” The taste of these chips reminds me a little bit of my favorite plain chips, those being regular Better Made chips (review coming soon.) The Jays have a little bit of a corn smell/taste being that they are fried in corn oil, but its nothing overpowering. If anything the smell of these chips remind me of CornNuts (which are pretty good, in and of themselves.)

But if forced to rank these regular plain chips. I would put Lay’s at the bottom, Jays in the middle and Better Made on top by just a little bit. The reason that I’m giving Better Made the edge, is that they are cooked in cottonseed oil (which is awesome) and I’ve also been eating them since I was a kid.

Side Note: For some reason I thought that Jays was still an independent potato chip company out of Chicago. But it turns out that they were bought out of bankruptcy by Snyder’s of Hanover sometime in 2007. Go figure.

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