Potato Chip Review – Lay’s Salt and Vinegar

This is another one of those flavors that I picked up at the Meijer in Kalamazoo. Call them the staid big brother verse his skater punk little bro in the Lay’s Dill Pickle chips.

Once upon a time, I might have had a fun size bag of Lay’s Salt and Vinegar chips in high school, because I remember not liking the tart vinegar flavor in high school. So I basically avoided salt and vinegar flavored chips until this current purchase. So lets reload an oldie but a goodie into the flavor mill.

With the first bite of the salt and vinegar chips, I once again realized how lazy Frito-Lay could be in the development of their potato chip flavors. I did a little bit of a head to head comparison of the Lay’s Salt and Vinegar chips verse the Lay’s Dill Pickle chips and the only way to put it is the following. When you trying the salt and vinegar chips, you get a very clean taste of salt, vinegar and potatoes with basically no after taste and with only a very mild linger of the salt and vinegar flavor. Then I tried the dill pickle flavored chips, and the dill pickle chips are basically salt and vinegar chips with dill flavoring. And you get that dill flavor in the smell and first taste of the chips, as well as a lingering aftertaste of dill when done eating the chip.

If I had to choose between either Salt and Vinegar or Dill Pickle, I’d have to give the edge to Salt and Vinegar, since the dill flavor in Dill Pickle chips can kind of ware on me. But since they don’t carry Lay’s Salt and Vinegar within 50 miles of where I live. So I’m basically stuck with Dill Pickle flavored Lay’s if I want to get my Salt and Vinegar fix. C’est la vie my friends.

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