Garden Damage Aftermath – 05-03-2010

Turns out that my hunch from last night was right, and I basically lost an entire row of white cups in the salad table. But it turns out that I was a little bit lucky, in that I had tossed all the extra seedlings that I didn’t transplant onto a dirt pile in the basement. I really don’t know which is which among the seedlings in the pile. So I basically just dumped out the contents of the hail damaged crop cups, sifted out all the destroyed seedlings, and mixed the wet potting soil with some potting soil that was bone dry to equal out the moisture level of the potting mix.

For now I’m just going to leave the “survivor seedlings” from the dirt pile under the grow lights in the house. Since right about the time on Monday night that I was pulling all the dead cups into the house, it almost looked like it was going to hail all over again. So as quickly as a could, I covering up the seedlings that did end up semi-surviving in case it hailed again (which thank god it didn’t.)

I didn’t sow all the seeds from the packets that I got from Johnny’s. A lot of the herbs that I lost, I’m going to write them off as a lost cause since its getting a bit late in the season to start over again from seed. But for the Marketmore 76 cucumbers that were destroyed, since those seeds germinate in 3-4 days, I’ll just start up a new batch of those.

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