2011 Seed Catalogs have arrived

Over the last three month, I’ve gotten three seed catalogs in the mail. Two were from Johnny’s Selected Seed, and the third was from Burpee. I was kind of hoping that I would get a catalog in the mail from Park Seed, but that doesn’t appear to be in the cards for this year.

I gave my seed inventory from 2010 a quick glance, and it appears that I’m in good shape for seeds this year, especially for seeds to use with the salad table. But for 2012, I’ll most certainly have to restock my inventory of saved seeds, since after this year I’ll be completely out of tomato seeds, certain hot pepper seeds, cucumber seeds (both pickling & slicing) as well as bean seeds (green & wax).

But lets move onto the fun part, seed starting. Last weekend I thought about starting the seeds for my tomatoes & hot peppers, but this weekend it’s going to happen for sure. Since I want some nice and strong pepper plants for transplanting this year. Plus I’m going to pick up some shade cloth for the salad table this year, in case we have another freak hailstorm around mother’s day, (see the Aji drama from last year).

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