Potato Chip Review – Better Made – Salvatore’s Sicilian Style Parmesan & Garlic

Its strange how the same cut of chips, in this case Krinkle Cut from Better Made could be so different. On the one hand you have Salvatore’s Sicilian Style Parmesan & Garlic Krinkle Cut chips that are totally awesome, and on the other hand you have the ho-hum taste of the plain Kinkle Cut chips.

So it’s pretty surprising to think that just a little bit of seasoning can totally change a potato chip. But that’s the situation we have on our hands with the Krinkle Cut style. Since the Sicilian Style has a wonderful flavor from the garlic and Parmesan, and then when you remove those two flavors you pretty much get a boring chip in the Plain Krinkle Cut.

Better Made makes a couple of different cuts of their plain/salted chips; Original, Wavy, Krinkle Cut and Kettle Cooked Original. Out of those four chips, I have yet to kettle cooked style, so I don’t have an opinion on those. But out of the remaining three, the Plain Krinkle Cut is at the bottom of the list. There really is nothing special about the Plain Krinkle Cut, since if I was going to go with a dipping/fancy cut chip, I’d rather have the Wavy style from Better Made. Since the Wavy is like a Ruffles, but with a better taste compared to Ruffles.

So for the Sicilian Style, those get two thumbs up in my book.
While the Plain Krinkle Cut, gets a sideways thumb leaning toward down. Since you are better off getting the Plain Wavy instead of the Plain Krinkle Cut.

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