First Sweet Corn of the Year – July 26, 2010

I just picked a couple of ears of the sh2 sweet corn that I planted this year. And I think that I might have waited to long before starting the harvest. Don’t get me wrong, the corn still tasted great. And I don’t think that I’ve ever eaten sweet corn 30 mins after it was picked. But it did taste like it was starting to go from the “milk” stage to the “early dough” stage, in that the corn had a little bit of a starchy taste. But with all that said, it was still better then any corn that I’ve gotten at the grocery store or farmers market.

Cooking Instruction:

As far as cooking the corn goes, I went very simple for the cooking method. In that all I did, was bring a pot of salted water to a boil. Then added the husked corn to the pot and cooked it for 5 minutes. After the time was up, I pulled the corn out of the pot and topped with a little bit of butter and some kosher salt and fresh cracked pepper. And as Roy Munson might say… was “Sweeter than Yoo-hoo.”

Side Notes:
1) I also tried testing out some other seasoning combination on the corn (pics below). They included chili seasoning and Lawry’s season salt. And both weren’t any good as a sweet corn seasoning.
2) I’ve also done a dual cooking combination on the corn, with boiling and grilling. But you have to watch out, so you don’t overcook the corn.
3) If you don’t want to boil the corn to cook it, you could always soak the un-husked corn overnight in an ice bath (I used a cooler filled with ice water.) And then grill the wet un-husked corn for about 10 mins, and at that point it should be fully cooked.
4) Or you can grill it like Bittman in this The New York Times article.

Links about sh2 and other varieties of sweet corn:
University of Illinois
North Carolina State University Cooperative Extension Service

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