Homemade Pizza

I would tend to believe that most of us have had some kind of pizza making experience in our lifetime. Be it a roll of Pillsbury dough from the grocer’s fridge, or maybe a box of Chef Boyardee or Jiffy mix. In my opinion, most store bought pizza dough leaves much to be desired.

I for one love pizza and its many different styles, as well as the endless toppings combinations. So if there were a Top 10 list of cooking accomplishments for any home cook. Making a good pizza at home from scratch would be toward the top of that list. For myself on this pizza making journey, there was a lot of pain and suffering before getting to my current pizza mastery. But it all finally came together with a good recipe for dough. I’ve probably gone through about a dozen different dough recipes until finally concocting the current version that I use. So lets dive in and get rolling: Continue reading