Kaiser Rolls – Failure to launch

Another bread recipe and another failed attempt. As you can probably tell from the texture shot toward the end, that there basically isn’t any texture inside the rolls. The crumbs from slicing have more texture then the finished kaiser roll. I can’t remember but I think I used bread flour instead of AP flour, so that might have been my downfall in these rolls.

Giving it a quick once over, it is remarkable that there are almost no air pockets in the interior of the bread. If I had made it flat, it probably would have made a better pita bread then kaiser roll. Well back to the drawing board as usual.

French Bread Baguette Recipe

I’ve always considered myself a better baker then cook; maybe it had to do with the exactness that is inherent with baking. So if you needed cakes or cookies, no problem. But bread, well that is another story. Can I make bread, yes. Does it taste, how that style of bread is supposed to taste, sometimes. With baking bread I’ve had very good luck making pizza dough, pretzels and bagels. So why not step up my game, and make one of my favorite breads, french baguettes. The whole idea of making french bread happened while I was making a sandwich with an Italian hoagie roll. I was looking at the hoagie roll, and realized that I was in a bread rut, and I needed something different. Continue reading

Homemade Pizza

I would tend to believe that most of us have had some kind of pizza making experience in our lifetime. Be it a roll of Pillsbury dough from the grocer’s fridge, or maybe a box of Chef Boyardee or Jiffy mix. In my opinion, most store bought pizza dough leaves much to be desired.

I for one love pizza and its many different styles, as well as the endless toppings combinations. So if there were a Top 10 list of cooking accomplishments for any home cook. Making a good pizza at home from scratch would be toward the top of that list. For myself on this pizza making journey, there was a lot of pain and suffering before getting to my current pizza mastery. But it all finally came together with a good recipe for dough. I’ve probably gone through about a dozen different dough recipes until finally concocting the current version that I use. So lets dive in and get rolling: Continue reading