Weekly Potato Chip Feature

If there is one food in this world that I love, it would be “salty snacks” with the subcategory of potato chips being the focus. I kind of lump a lot of items under the “potato chip” banner. Things like pringles, tortilla chips, puffed vegetable chips, cheetos, fritos, etc. Basically most of the snacks in the “chip aisle”, even though they may not be made of potatoes.

I usually have tortilla chips & bagel chips always on hand. But I love to try out new chips flavors from Lay’s or one of the remaining indepenant producers. I just got a care package of about half a dozen different bags of mexican flavored Lay’s that I am excited to try out and post a review. I was also just at the grocery store and got 3 different bags of the 2009 Taste of America Lay’s, so those should be pretty good.

With so many different chips on hand right now (about 10). I’ll have plenty of material to write about for weeks.

As would be expected, chip flavors come and go. Here are some MIA flavors that I can’t find anymore, but would love to have again:
Ruffles – KC Masterpiece (much better the hickory BBQ ruffles)
Backer’s – german style chips (these were really good chips and they had celery salt as one of the seasoning ingredients. I got them at the Dutchman’s store one time, and they never carried them again.)

So enjoy the reviews. First up, Sabritas Chile Piquín.