Picked up Aug/Sept 2010 Wine Club Shipment from Domaine Carneros

I received this wine shipment a few months ago, I just kept on forgetting to post anything about it (in case you were wondering, the sparkling was a 2004 Late Disgorged Brut and the red was a 2008 DomaineCarneros Estate Pinot Noir.)

Personally I’ve gotten to a point in time after this post, that I’m going to be posting less often on the wine shipments. Since there really isn’t anything compelling in each shipment to continue as normal on the bi-monthly posting cycle. So unless I get some bottles that are really interesting, you won’t be seeing these wine posts as frequently as before, of course excluding the once yearly Magnum Society shipment (picture included.)

So on a bit of a lighter note, a few weeks ago was the release date for the 2010 batch of Beaujolais Nouveau out of France. And seeing how the nouveau always sells out quickly, I made sure to swing by Costco a day or two after the release, and I picked up a whole case of the stuff, while they still had it in stock. And boy was it a deal at Costco, at $7.99 a bottle. And the case that I did pick up, is only half for me, since the other half was already promissed to my folks, for when I see them after Thanksgiving. And at $7.99 a bottle it’s probably one of the best value plays in the red wine market for the rest of the year. So Cheers.

Picked up June/July 2010 Wine Club Shipment from Domaine Carneros

I picked up my shipment at the UPS Depot with JRR a few weekends back. And this months shipment is really nothing that I haven’t received before from Carneros, other then being a new vintage (hence no pics posted.) So with that, for this month’s shipment I received a 2006 Vermeil Demi-Sec and a 2008 Avant-Garde Merlot. Personally I like more of a Brut in my sparkling wine, compared to a Demi-Sec. But I suppose you have to mix it up every once in a while, even if it may be forced upon you. Bottoms Up.